Some relationships don’t go the way some would like. They might lose a lover to some horrific event, find a significant other cheating on them, or learn that a crush finds them weird. Some have it worse than others. This list will countdown our top five most tragic fictional relationships. Warning. Spoilers.


Carl & Ellie Fredrickson (Up)unnamed-5


Carl may have stumbled onto Ellie by coincidence, but ever since, the two have done everything together. The first notable of which was to make a promise to move to a place known as Paradise Falls – Ellie’s dream home. Upon becoming adults, however, the two realized that life is harder than they thought, and regrettably, Ellie dies before Carl can make good on his promise. Carl does manage to move his and Ellie’s home to Paradise Falls, but he does so without his lifelong partner and friend. 


Remus Lupin & Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)unnamed-4


Lupin and Tonks as a couple weren’t present much on the page. In fact, nothing other than their struggle to actually be together ever made it to the surface. That said, their love was still there, and even if most of they’re romantic exploits happened in the background, you still liked both characters enough to want them to achieve happiness, which they do… very briefly. Shortly after having a child, the two of them are killed one after the after, leaving the kid, Teddy, orphaned. Teddy may have Harry and his friends to look after him, but it doesn’t change the fact that the family Lupin and Tonks started fell apart faster than it came together. 


Tex & Church (Red vs. Blue)unnamed-1

Red vs. Blue doesn’t really focus much on romance. In fact, Church and Tex are the only two notable characters to have ever been in a meaningful relationship, and even that history only gets conveyed through quick lines of dialogue. Despite, the two’s irregular actions make it clear that they still do have a soft spot for one another as they’re normally hilarious assholes. Sadly, their origins will always haunt them in this regard. The two of them are AI programs based on two other members of a doomed relationship: their creator and his deceased wife. Because of this, especially in Tex’s case, even if they tried their damnedest to be together the outcome is destined to end terribly.


Jon Snow & Ygritte (Game of Thrones)unnamed-3


Game of Thrones has enough tragic relationships to both fill and double this list on its own. Here, if a pair is romantically involved, it’s probably forbidden, and they’re definitely going to pay for it. Jon Snow and Ygritte are a perfect example. The two belong to two separate groups who are sworn enemies with each other: the Nightwatch and Wildlings respectively. While Jon and Ygritte’s first meeting goes as expected, Jon begins to believe that his people and Wildlings can actually coexist after he and Ygritte end up sleeping with one another. Sadly, Jon has little sway over the situation when compared to history and inevitably finds himself in the midsts of a large-scale battle with the Wildlings. In this fight, one of Jon’s allies fatally shoots Ygritte, and all Jon can do is hold her in his arms while she dies. The fact that their people continue to go on killing other while they share their final moments punctuates just how needless, and sad Ygritte’s death is.


Jack & Teri Bauer (24)

24 – like Game of Thrones – really has a way of rewarding people who end up romantically involved, especially when it comes to Jack Bauer. Seriously, this is one guy who cannot for the life of him catch a break. Just when you think he’s about to find happiness with someone – finally – things take a complete 180. While all his relationships end horribly, none of them hit quite as hard as the first with his wife, Teri Bauer. Just as the two of them are trying to give their marriage a second chance, the longest day of Jack’s life starts, and while he spends this day doing everything possible to keep Teri safe, she ends up fatally shot just as the day ends. To make things worse, she’s shot by Jack’s partner – his most trusted confidant – while in the safest place she can be. The whole ordeal just leaves behind an incredible sense of loss, betrayal, and worthlessness as, despite Jack’s actions, the day’s events still culminate in the death of the mother of his children AND his second child. 


Image: RotoScopers, Metro, Red V Blue Wiki, Youtube, Warped Factor

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