In a previous post, guest writer Jennifer Craig wrote an article about how the distance in long distance relationships and how they can be alleviated through gaming. It goes without saying that long distance relationships are tough. Whether you find someone who catches your eye on Dragonfruit, a similar dating app, or anything in between, chances are the questions are bound to cross your mind:  Could I handle a long distance relationship? What will it take? How can I make long distance last?

Can I handle it?

Most relationships start the same way. There’s a period of flirting, testing the waters, and getting to know each other once feelings are mutual. It’s the gray area in between it all where both partners question if and when they should cross the threshold and make it official. For a long distance relationship, it may or may not happen a little differently. When deciding to make it official or not, there are a number of things that should be kept in mind. You have to question yourself: Can I make time for this person? Will I be open, honest committed? That is, perhaps, one of the most important questions to consider. Both sides really have to be able to make the commitment – and that especially means sacrificing the luxury of playing hard to get. It’s vital that both people are ready for a long distance relationship and understand what it will take to get through it.

What will it take?

The single most important thing it will take to make a long distance relationship work is really the most obvious one: communication. This is related back to the previous point about questioning your openness, honesty, and commitment. Additionally, it is harder and much less feasible to play “mind games” if a couple is serious about making this work. As much as possible, you and your partner have to talk about where you stand or if there is anything to be concerned about. You have to consider the fact that not being able to see each other every day, week, months, or more can weigh down on you. The key factor of making a long distance relationship easier to manage is having the knowledge that both of you are on the same page. This can only be possible if you are both determined to keep an open line of communication between each other.

How can I make long distance last?

Related to keeping open communication, it makes great difference talking to each other every single day. It’s not always possible to make a phone call and video chat through Skype or FaceTime because it’s understandable to be busy with your own lives, but at the very minimum make an effort to text each other or communicate daily. This can be as easy as letting each other know how your day has been going. Additionally, you can take note from Jennifer Craig’s article and use gaming to bond with each other. In my Valentine’s Date article, I mentioned the website for long distance relationships as that is a site where two people can watch videos, shows, movies and play games together online. It really becomes a circular process. Keep in contact, support that contact with face to face video chats or phone calls as often as possible, and somewhere down the line you also have to consider: when will we meet? The end goal of these long distance relationships is to ideally get together in person. Of course it isn’t easy with miles upon miles of separation, but always keep hope and an open mind for opportunities to get together in person. Whether 50 miles or 50,000, with enough dedication and love, long distance relationships are more than worth it.



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