As a fellow geek, I know Halloween is probably not your favorite time of year. Parties full of strangers making small-talk over recorded sounds of cackling, screams, and growls that are intended to create a “spooky atmosphere” doesn’t sound enjoyable to many of us.

But Halloween doesn’t have to be so bad, even for the geekiest amongst us. I posit that it can even be fun. Allow me to explain.


Dressing To Educate


I’ll start with the obvious. It can’t be denied that most people think of Halloween as a chance to dress… shall we say “provocatively”? But that’s not the only option. You can make a real statement by dressing as your favorite character, book, science experiment, planet, role model, cause, or idea.

You will probably have to DIY your costume, but I’m sure you’re smart and resourceful enough to pull it off. I bet you could come up with something awesome, so when people invariably ask you “What are you supposed to be?” you get the opportunity to educate them about something you care about—which is so much more important than showing them your cleavage. (Or, if you’re male, yourself in tights?)


Cosplay Crazy


If you normally love cosplay, you’ll already understand why Halloween is so awesome. Everyone who says it’s “weird” to dress up at any other time of year, magically thinks it’s A-OK on October 31st. Dressing up is fun, and they can’t deny it on this day.


Mind-Challenging Mazes


Corn or hay mazes are popular during this time of year. If you enjoy puzzle-solving, and you’re lucky enough to have a large, competently complex maze near you, then you’ll be in for a real treat. (Or possibly a trick, if you get lost and they don’t find you until November 2nd.)


Spooky Escape Rooms


If you haven’t tried escape rooms yet, you should check it out if you’re into problem-solving. A lot of escape rooms have a spooky theme throughout the entire year, but Halloween would be a great time to enjoy getting spooked and while solving puzzles with your friends. Just make sure to book ASAP, as I imagine it’s an extremely popular time.


Staying In


Yes, you can just stay in. (I heard that sigh of relief!)

Sometimes you just want to enjoy something by yourself, which is totally fine. In this case, it might be a marathon of watching scary movies, Harry Potter, Simpsons Halloween episodes, etc. There are a lot of different marathons you could do!

If you don’t want to just veg in front of the t.v., then you could read a horror novel, try your hand at writing/telling your own ghost story, play a scary video game, or research the science behind something apt. Reanimation, for example, or quantum mechanics for some Einsteinian “spooky action“. (I know, I know—I’m so clever.)


Halloween, Geekified


Whatever you’re passionate about can likely be celebrated in some Halloweeny way, if you think about it.

Math geek? Dress as or bake some incorrect equations. (2 + 2 = 0—Oh, the horror!) Geography geek? Try an upside-down world map projection on for size. (Freaky, isn’t it?) Computer geek? Maybe hop into a virtual world to celebrate. (For example, on Second Life you can find a spooky hunt called Octoberville.)

I hope I gave you some ideas or inspiration. Happy geeky Halloween from all of us here at Dragonfruit!




Artwork by Tiffany Lillie


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