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Frequently Asked Questions

DragonFruit FAQ Help

Welcome to the DragonFruit FAQ!  Here we’ll answer your questions about DragonFruit, the only dating app for geeks by geeks. We’ll also suggest ways on how to get the best experience out of our dating site.  If we missed something or you have more questions, please contact us. and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


What does it cost to use DragonFruit?

Absolutely nothing!  Users can make an account, search profiles, and use our innovative matching system. You’re also able to send and receive messages to your heart’s content.

But I don’t see any ads or anything. How do you make your money?

In the future we will be rolling out some incredible premium features, and charge a fee for them. But we want you guys to be happy, so basic features are and will remain free.

But still, you must make money somehow. Are you selling my data or personal information?

Absolutely not! Our Privacy Policy is clear: we will never sell your data to any third parties. Our income will come from premium feature subscriptions. Ramen, here we come!

What kind of premium features? Will they be lame, money-grubbing balls of lame?

We are working to make stuff you’ll want. They will be awesome. If you want updates on these premium features and on the app in general, please follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook). Also, by following us on social media, you’ll get chances for free, early trial access to every new feature. Social media is also a great way for you to tell us what you think we should be building.

I have a ton of ideas to make this site so much better. Who can I yell at?

The Contact Us page is your destination. We’ll respond to every message we get as soon as we can. If you have a good idea that’s also workable, we’ll go ahead and work on it. If you are a rockstar coder and want to give us a hand, our Get Involved page can help you do that.

My Username isn’t long enough. Can I get a longer one?

Right now our interface can only handle usernames of 13 characters or less. Lucky for you, most usernames are still available. It’s your chance to think of the most awesome name you could never get elsewhere and nab it!

Why do I need to tell you my Geekdoms?

Geekdoms are the way we match users. That’s what makes us different from other dating sites. Aside from our much more awesome users, of course.
Our Geekdom database lists tens of thousands of geekdoms and how they relate to one another. Once you specify what you’re into, we can find your closest interest-based match.

How deep can/should I go with my Geekdom?

You should try to be as specific as possible with what you like. For example, don’t just say Video Games. Instead, say your favorite genre, or game, or even character in that game. Love Star Trek? If you’re a Klingon fan, mark that down as a Geekdom. The more specific you get, the better your matches will be. Go as deep as you can!

My Geekdom doesn’t appear on the list as I type. Help!

There are a few ways to fix this problem. First, try it with and without capitalization as the list is sometimes case sensitive. Second, are you using ‘The’ or other prefixes (e.g. The Lord of the Rings)? Try dropping or adding them to find your Geekdom. Third, is there another name your Geekdom goes by? Maybe it’s a first name rather an a last or nickname for a character. Perhaps it’s a title like Dr. (e.g. Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell). In rare cases, using the transliterated name may work as well.

My Geekdom still isn’t there! Am I SOL?

Hell no! Finding your Geekdom in the list is important, but if it’s not there, we’ve got your back! Just type in your Geekdom as you think it should appear. If it’s in the database, we’ll edit it so it’ll appear as it should. If it’s missing in our database, we will add it to the next batch of our frequent database updates.

I don’t live in the US so I don’t have a zip code. Can I still use your site?

Of course! A good chunk of our team and the DragonFruit family hail from Canada and Europe, so we get it.  Go ahead and plug in your postal code and we’ll make it work on our end.  We’ll get rid of this field in the future and instead go by your IP address, so don’t stress.

I tried to sign up, but it says I’m too young. Why are you guys so mean?

Sorry, kid. Rules is rules. DragonFruit is for adults eighteen and up only. Come back when you turn 18 and we will welcome you with open arms. Don’t worry, time flies like an arrow. (Fruit flies like a banana.) You don’t need a dating site.

I’m already in a relationship or I’m not looking for a partner. Is DragonFruit any use to me at all?

Yes. DragonFruit is all about building a community. It’s about finding people you can relate with, even in a non-romantic context. Choose the Looking for New Friends option on your profile and start looking for people to talk to. It’s like some kind of network, only social and stuff.


What is this self-summary thing?

Self Summary is your most vital info. Whatever you want people to see even before they visit your profile should go here. It’s that text which appears on your facecard on the matching page.

I don’t like your profile text fields. You should change them.

We’re open to suggestions! Let us know on our Contact Us page!

I don’t want to answer some of these questions. Will they be blank if I just skip them?

No, if you leave a field blank it just won’t appear on your page. No embarrassing gaps for you, my friend! The only fields that show up if you don’t complete them are the Self-Summary, the Origin Story and the Currently Watching/Reading/Playing because, come on, at least tell everyone else that!

But if I can’t see which fields are missing, how can I tell if someone I’m looking at is even taking this seriously?

We’ll be adding a profile completion bar to everybody’s profile, so you can tell if your match is trying or not. A low score means that they aren’t serious about their profile or just starting out.

How do I change my background image to the cool ones I’ve seen on other users’ profiles? Where does this image display?

Just click the Edit Background Pic button in the top right corner of the profile edit screen! It will change your profile background to have whatever image you choose. The new background image will also stay across all the other pages you view to make you feel at home. The only place that the image will be different is on other people’s profiles. You’ll see their background images instead.

How do I delete my profile?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but if you have a reason to do so, please do the following:
Click on the gear icon that you used to edit your account.
Scroll down to the very bottom.
Click on ‘Delete Profile’
You’ll then be prompted to confirm the deletion.


Where are these matches coming from?

The matches are the users we think you are best matched with. Our matching system takes a lot of different factors into account. It looks into basic info (e.g. age range, gender, location) as well as more subtle factors, like closeness of geekdom. It’s based on a sophisticated algorithm and computed by the love child of HAL, Deep Thought and IBM Watson.

What happens when I click on the Check mark or the X?

The check places the currently viewed user into your Favorites for later. Clicking ‘X’ moves you to the next user. You can also click on the username or profile pic of the user you’re looking at to go to their profile to read more.

What’s the difference between Matches and Search?

In Matches, we show you your curated matches based on the info you’ve given us. But in Search, you can run wild. Aren’t into My Little Pony, but you want to learn about it? Search is where that happens. Set your search parameters and see whats out there!

I don’t like Smokers/Drinkers/Kids etc. Can I filter people out based on these factors?

Absolutely! Once we get our Advances Search up and running, all those options and more will be available to you.

Can I add people to my favorites from the Search screen?

We’re working on getting that feature into DragonFruit soon.


I’ve lost interest in a user I’ve been messaging. How do I delete them from my life?

Just hit the Trash icon in your Messages screen and they will go away. FOREVER.

Can I send photos to other users through the app?

No. We could have done this but–let’s be frank–dick pics and other nude images are a concern. So, no. Sorry.

Why can’t I send messages to other users? What’s going on?

We’ve placed a limit of 15 message per day to users who have not contacted you back. This is partly to avoid spam, partly to protect against harassment. Mostly, we want you to choose who you contact carefully and to think about what you’re saying. You can, of course, still send as many messages as you want to a user who has already responded.

Someone is being offensive in my inbox or spamming me. What can I do to kick this loser to the curb?

We take harassment seriously. To counter it,we have a strong harassment policy in place. Anyone breaching the policy will be sanctioned and then banned.
Report a problem user to us and we will investigate and take appropriate action. Please don’t let violators off the hook, tell us so we can make this a safe, positive space for everyone. A “Report This User” button is coming soon, but for now use the Contact Us form.


I have added people to my favorites. Now how do I message them?

Just go to their profiles and click on the messages icon and you’ll be able to write to them from their profile. You can also send later messages from the Messages tab.

How do I get rid of a person in my favorites?

On their profile page, click on the favorites icon to remove them. Don’t worry, you can always click it again if you change your mind.


Any questions you don’t see here?  Let us know!
TLDR; Have fun, be nice, and good luck!