by the Project DragonFruit Staff

While you’ve heard bits and pieces about Project DragonFruit from our Facebook and Twitter feeds and read about how we’re fleshing out features like our matching system, you’re probably wondering: How is DragonFruit actually going to look like? Here’s your answer.

Please note, the following screen shots are a work in progress (also, pardon the typos! We were a little too focused on the design and features). Not that’s a bad thing though; if things look this good already, we’re sure the final product will look even better. Also, that means this is the best time to send us suggestions on how to improve things before our beta launches (sign up if you haven’t already!)

Sign Up

While we strongly encourage our users to fill out their profile–which you’ll see an example of later–we also want them to get DragonFruit up and running as fast as possible. That said, we’re trying to achieve a balance between a minimally functional account that’s still useful to existing users and a new user’s desire to see who’s on the site. What you see here is one of several proposed account creation screens which vary in look and the number of necessary fields a new user has to fill in. Let’s take a closer look at the signup screen:


The first line is pretty self-explanatory. For the second line, we’re of course implementing options for LGBT users, those who practice polyamory and/or don’t ascribe to gender binaries. Finally, users can set a “Geekdom Level” to indicate how strong their fandom is. If you’re a Star Trek fan, but perhaps have only seen a few seasons of The Next Generation and a handful of DS9 episodes, you’re probably at level one. If you can explain the significance of the number ‘47’ throughout the entire franchise, you’re probably at level three. Again, we’re likely going to shift some of these elements around, including the Geekdom Level which will likely appear in Project DragonFruit’s profile creation screen rather than here.

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One of the features we’ll have is a set of curated matches when you log-in. You’ll be able to go through our user base using the normal search function, but we thought users would also appreciate a list of matches without having to sift through countless user profiles. Along with your match’s geekdoms and geekdom level, you’ll see a brief profile summary which you’ll also see below in the actual profiles.


Profile v3

We’ve already told you how specific our matching system is, but here’s how it will affect the visual elements of your profile. On the image above, you’ll notice that ‘Klingon’ appears as a pop-up bubble. We intend to replace these bubbles with a more specific image; in this case, we’d have the Klingon Empire flag. In an example applicable to Game of Thrones fans, you could indicate you’re a House Targaryen supporter and you’d consequently have their dragon crest in that same place. If you’d prefer to identify with a specific character, such as Jar Jar Binks–we’ll make him option, but we can’t guarantee many like-minded matches–the Gungan will appear in that place instead.

Looking to the left, you’ll see the standard fields covering height, drug use (if applicable), education, etc. On the right, you’ll see our geeky twist on profile creation. For example:

Origin Story: Either a longer or shorter (as is the case here) description of yourself similar to the general profile summary you see in curated match sets, a story of how you got into your geekdom or even a fictionalized bio if you were actually a superhero–basically whatever you think will pique the interest of someone reading your profile. As the playful name suggests, we want users to be as creative as they want when they fill out the field.

Next Geeky Event: You can use this field to tell your potential matches where you’ll be. Say, for example, both of you are going to be at the same con, you can both agree to meet there–possibly the easiest first date you’ll ever set up.

Current Watching/Reading/Playing: We’ll probably move this up and have it function the same way you’d update a Facebook status. Like the ‘Next Geeky Event’ field, we’re hoping this one will help you break the ice (‘You’re reading X? Me too! What do you think of it?’).


We’ve said this countless times, but it’s worth repeating: We want the design and implementation process to be as collaborative and transparent as possible, warts–and typos–and all. Whether it be telling us that your fandom is missing in the beta (we’ll detail the process for creating our massive fandom database in another entry) or suggest new features, options and profile fields, we greatly value your input. Again, shoot us an e-mail or leave a message in the comments below if you have any suggestions.

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