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12 tips for making a polyamorous relationship work

First up is this article from Isaac Chotiner at Cosmopolitan. It’s 2017 and many things are evolving, with that is the definition of a standard relationship. Polyamory has existed forever, and while the standard has always been monogamy, more people are exploring polyamory for themselves. While a polyamorous relationship is not for everyone, as is a monogamous one, Isaac has some tips on how to make it work for you! Check out the awesome tips in the article above!

Want To Be A Better Kisser? Try These Tips

Ok, you are probably saying to yourself “BUT, I’m an amazing kisser”. While this may be true, there’s always room for improvement right? This article from Sophia Saint Thomas at Refinery29, is filled with tips for the beginner to the expert. Check out the full article above that includes some great tips, and even some things you may want to try!

4 Helpful Dating Hacks You Should Know

Dating is complicated, we all know this. So why not look for some decent hacks to get better at the whole thing? We usually only include articles in the dating advice roundup, but who doesn’t love a good video? Check out the video above from Garret Werner and Kevin McShane at Buzzfeed!

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