Each week we bring you the best dating advice from around the web. This week we bring you some great advice that comes everywhere from fictional characters to industry experts! If you would like to contribute or suggest an article to the roundup, please email us at david.p@projectdragonfruit.com.

Dating Advice From 10 Fictional Characters, Because Nothing Beats A Literary Romance

Our First article comes from Charlotte Athlin at Bustle! As nerds we are constantly looking into our fandoms for inspiration for our real life. This should not have to stop at dating. Plenty can be learned from studying our favorite character. Charlotte has put together an awesome list of dating advice from some of our favorite fictional characters and couples. Check the link above for some awesome advice from Hermoine!



The Dating Advice You Should Always Ignore, According to the Men of My Brother My Brother and Me

The dating advice roundup here at DragonFruit always includes some advice you should NOT take! This article from Eric Thurn is just that! He sat down and spoke to the hosts of the popular podcast My Brother, My Brother, and me. The article deals with what being a “man” means in 2017 and how this relates to dating success and failures. “It’s not “be decent because a real man is decent.” Be decent because you’re a human and there are other people around you in this world and the things you do have impact on other people.”

6 Things Top Matchmakers Want Single People to Know

Michaela English brings us advice from industry experts in this Marie Claire article. Michaela spoke with various top matchmakers who are masters in their field about secrets that single people need to know. This article contains concise advice that you can actually apply to your dating life TODAY! “Love often happens when you least expect it to, with someone you might not have imagined to be your match. Don’t let a long list of qualifications prevent you from finding happiness.” —Amy Van Doran, The Modern Love ClubCheck out the full article for all of these pieces of advice from the experts.

If you would like to contribute to a future edition of the dating advice roundup be sure to email me at david.p@projectdragonfuit.com!



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