When experiencing the hardship of a long-distance relationship, it can be hard to feel close. You cannot simply reach over to hold their hand, or even drive over to visit. Yet, being in a long-distance relationship can actually be a beautiful thing. When you can change your perception of the time apart, you can experience deeper levels of closeness.

One way that many couples are discovering to close the feeling of distance is through gaming together. From playing games over Skype to staying online to play Portal 2, it is possible to ease the distance by having a shared activity.

Closing the Distance

Closing the distance when your loved one is far away comes with perseverance, time, and love. Technology has allowed for long-distance relationships to have a lasting chance with many different ways to keep in contact. From messaging to gaming, couples can interact with one another in unique ways to remain close.

Uniquely, gaming also creates many relationships, as well as provides a community space to interact with people from around the globe. Gaming allows for couples and friends to understand one another through competition, teamwork, and how they react in different scenarios.

Shoulder-To-Shoulder Time

Gaming gives space for quality shoulder-to-shoulder time, which is time spent within the presence of one another, but not necessarily having a conversation. Couples who are geographically close often spend shoulder-to-shoulder time watching a movie, but being long-distance makes it hard to just cozy up for a relaxing evening.

When you make the time to hop online and engage in a game with your partner, it helps keep the feeling of closeness alive. The distance suddenly does not seem so far when you can talk and run around through a virtual world together.

Games To Play For Couples

There are many different kinds of games that you can play with your partner, but certain games offer unique co-op capabilities that put an emphasis on teamwork. Portal 2, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, Gears of War Remastered, and Borderlands 2 all offer teamwork within the game to spend quality time playing with your partner.

Whichever game you find unique and fitting for your relationship, find one that gives you the community space to play with your partner in different ways. When you can team up together in the virtual world, then you can team up in the real world for a strong and lasting relationship.

Make the Time

One simple way to close the distance for a long-distance relationship is to make the time for one another. There are many tasks and obligations for people’s lives, but when you make the time to share in a game with your partner, you are creating space and opportunity for you to develop a deeper relationship.

One study revealed that those who experience long-distance in their relationship develop a deeper bond than those who are geographically close. The feeling of closeness can develop in many ways, and thanks to technology, it comes in all sorts of forms for people to keep and maintain healthy long-distance relationships.

Find a game that works for both you and your partner to close the feeling of distance and develop a lasting memory. Whether you want to wander through virtual worlds or battle your way through, learn to interact with one another as a team for a lasting relationship, no matter the distance.


Jennifer Craig is a long distance relationship success story. She started SurviveLDR for women who want to survive and thrive in long-distance relationships. For more advice on how to make long-distance relationships work, follow her on Instagram, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


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