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If I ask for another date and she says she’s busy that day, how should I follow up with that?


Great question! In the age of texting and digital communication, it’s often hard to decipher true intentions through just the pixels on your phone. Trust me, you’re not the only person wracking their mind, wondering if the person you like is really busy, blowing you off, or some even stranger third option.

Unfortunately, it can often be tricky to tell which way your date is leaning, so your response should be based on your intuitive feelings about the date. Did you feel it went well? If you did, as you seem to, chances are that she did too! I would advise you to go with your gut feeling and follow up with your date. Say something along the lines of: “Oh, that’s too bad! How does next Friday work? If you’re unavailable, no worries—send me some times that you’re free and we can coordinate schedules!” Don’t worry about coming off as clingy or desperate, because politeness, respect, and flexibility are always valued, and form the foundation of all healthy relationships.

Good luck! Dating is always a gamble, but with any luck, your courage will pay off.

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