Somewhere in Lower Manhattan, a diabolical organization seeks to get geeks dates.

Its top secret codename: Dragonfruit. No, not through mad science, secret weapons or brainwashing devices. Our brilliant billionaire scientist-industrialist founder (Okay, he’s not actually Lex Luthor) had this radical idea that there should be a dating app where geekiness of any forms is awesome.

Dragonfruit will offer you an experience where you can be upfront about your geekdom, instead of ashamed about it. Geeks know that they’re awesome. They make their passions a part of them and their lives, of course. But often, many geeks feel the need to put on a secret identity to impress their matches. We believe you shouldn’t have to disguise yourself as Clark Kent. Be yourself. Be Superman.

We aren’t a team of evil villains trying to brainwash geeks to do our bidding: we’re honestly just geeks hoping to help other geeks. We’re the folks who you lane with in Dota 2, talk while in the line to Hall H, attend cosplay meet-ups, and more. We understand geeks well, and most importantly- we know geeks love to be together with geeks.

We’re incredibly pumped for this app to come out, we hope you are too. Want to be kept updated? Sign up for our newsletter below. We also suggest following our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Give us your feedback, suggestions for features, or maybe drop us a line if you’d like to write for us. Help make Dragonfruit the app for you.


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